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Lightning T5 XS458/BAZ in LTF markings at Cranfield Airshow. c/n B1/95018.

built 3/12/65. "458" to 226 OCU, 5 Sqd, "Z" LTF, "T" 5 Sqd, "AT" 5 Sqd, "BT" 11 Sqd, "DX" LTF,  "DY" LTF, LTF (no letter code). Delivered to Cranfield for Arnold Glass. Purchased by Tony Hulls and T5 Projects. The aircraft has been fully restored and is now in fast taxi condition, fast taxied at Cranfield airshow as "BAZ" in LTF markings and has now been repainted in the colour scheme of 226 OCU/145 Sqd

Picture Peter R March

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