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Lightning T5 XS452/452   226 OCU. c/n B1/95012.

built 30/6/65, "452" 226 OCU, "T" 11 Sqd, "X" 111 Sqd,   "X" 56 Sqd,
Akrotiri Station Flight (Flamingo on PINK fin, pink-blue nose markings), used APC-detached UK Lightning squadrons, "Y" 11 Sqd ('C' Flt). First flight in dark green experimental camouflage.
LTF, lent 5 Sqd, "T" 11 Sqd, "Z" LTF, "DZ" LTF, "BT" 11 Sqd,
30/6/88 delivered to Cranfield after purchase by Arnold Glass. Subsequently bought by Tony Hulls and restored at Cranfield. The Aircraft was fast taxied at Cranfield Airshow, and was later bought by Mike Beacheyhead of Classic Jets in South Africa and registered as ZU-BBD. The aircraft has been resprayed Gloss Black.
9th March 1999. XS452  flys in Cape Town, South Africa.

Picture Terry Waddington Collection

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