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Lightning F6 XR770 SBAC Farnborough Sept 1966. c/n 95235.

built 16/12/65. SBAC Farnborough in RASF marks as 53-770 and flew 10 flights at the show. "C"  74 Sqd,     "L" 23 Sqd, "D" 56 Sqd, "A" 5 Sqd, "C" 5 Sqd,
"AA" 5 Sqd (It was the first Lightning to attain an all over light grey respray at RAF St Athan)
"AA" 5 Sqd, (recieved a Red tail), "AA" 5 Sqd (Red tail & spine)."BN" 11 Sqd, fitted with overwing tanks for trials with Tornado F3 Radar Development trials for BAe Warton. The aircraft is now preserved at the NATO Aircraft Museum at New Waltham on Humberside England

Picture Alisdair MacDonald

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