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Lightning F6 XR728/JS   Lightning Preservation Group. c/n 95211.

built 17/3/65 as F3, Salmesbury-Warton for store, converted to F6. 1/11/67 to 23 Sqd as "D". 13/5/71 60 MU overhaul. 24/11/71 to 56 Sqd "D" delivered to Akrotiri via 5 Sqd. 2/7/75 60 MU overhaul. 24/10/75 to 56 Sqd "J". 1/7/76 RAF Binbrook store. 12/7/78 air tested, white code "J". 7/78 to LTF "D", later re-coded "DD". 4/81 stored. 6/81 to 5 Sqd "AF". 12/11/81 St Athen respray (Camouflage). By 2/82 "BA" 11 Sqd. 2/8/83 St Athen Dark Grey respray, returning 28/8/83 placed in store with short spells with 5 & 11 Sqd's. 6/85 to 11 Sqd as "BF" then "BS". 9/7/87 re-coded "JS" as mount for Binbrook Station Commander, Gp Capt John Spencer with LTF style fin markings. 24/6/88 last flight, flown to Bruntingthorpe for the Lightning Preservation Group who, (as can be seen above) keep her in running and hopefully one day flying order

Picture Garry Lakin

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