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Lightning F6 XR724/K  11 Sqd. c/n 95207.

built 10/2/65 as F3. Salmesbury-Warton. stored and converted to F6. 16/6/67. "M" 11 Sqd, "K" 11 Sqd, 1/6/79 Binbrook display aircraft 5 Sqd marks one side 11 Sqd the other, "K" 11 Sqd , "K" LTF, "AG" 5 Sqd, "AV" 5 Sqd, returned from St Athan after respray with transposed serial XR742(!) as "AG", "BC" 11 Sqd, "AE" 5 Sqd remained in use until disbandment 12/87 then fitted with overwing tanks and used for BAe Tornado F3 radar trials (still as "AE" 29/3/88). 11/4/88 to BAe Warton for continuation of trials. Wfu 27/6/90 to store MU Shawbury. Declared for sale 7/91, to Lightning Association as G-BTSY. Flown to Binbrook 23/7/92, kept in taxying condition

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