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Lightning F6 XP693  65 Sqn/226 OCU markings  BAe. c/n 95116.

built as F3 16/6/62. Salmesbury-Warton, without ventral tank (usual configuration for most Lightning F1/2/3/4 initial flights) Retained EE development work including radio/radar cooling trials. 24/5/63 A&AEE for F3 clearance. 14/10/63 Warton for trials. 1/66 A&AEE trials. 1/67 converted to F3A (interim F6)standard at Warton. 1/11/67 A&AEE height and heading lock programme on flight 263 (212hr 8min). 19/1/69 BAC Warton. 2/69 A&AEE F6 Development. 1972 MRCA (Tornado) trials Warton, then A&AEE intermittently. Early 76 RAF Valley missile trials, Aberporth Range. 28/12/77, chase plane at Warton for Tornado IDS. 30/1/81 resumed flying after storage, as chase plane for Tornado F2 development. 21/8/85 seen with white paint on port underside and rear aft wing root - later removed. Operated on Tornado F3/EAP development 86/87. Contract expired 16/12/92. Sold to Lightning Flying Club as G-FSIX 22/12/92 and flown to Exeter Airport. Aircraft is now based and flying with Classic Jets in Cape Town, South Africa. 693 over the years wore temporary markings for special occasions, here are some that were captured.  65sqn/226OCU, 56Sdn,

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