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Lightning F1 XM139 Wattisham TFF. c/n 95031.


built 12/1/60. 2/8/60 to "C" 74 Sqd. 8/1/63 EE for mods. 21/6/63 to 74 Sqd re-coded "F". Spring 64 to 139/226 OCU. Early 65 to 33MU for store, overhaull and target facilties mods. 4/66 to 139/Leuchars TFF. 24/10/68 Warton cat 4 condition resulting from serious fuel pump problems. 19/2/70 "A" Wattisham TFF after repair by BAC. Later uncoded. 31/12/73 stored Wattisham after disbandment of TFF, then decoy

Picture via Terry Waddington Collection

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