December 2005
Airbus A340-600
landing after display at SBAC Farnborough Air Show 2004

Congratulations to the following

Christian Knipser, Ron Smith, Seb Gray,
Jelle Hieminga,  Neil Robson, 
Kevin Webb, Steve Samagalski
APH Photo Quiz 2005
Well done to Seb Gray & Ron Smith who were Top of the Table in 2005
  Months Running 8  
Pos Name


1 Seb Gray, Ron Smith, 9
2 Neil Robson, 8
3 Emilio Lafuente, Christian Knipser, 7
4 Gerry van Dyk, Kevin Webb, 6
5 Steve Clarke, Steve Samagalski, Joeri Sarens, 5
6 Robin T, 4
7 Jelle Hieminga, Mike Hobley, Hans Høgh,  Steve McDonald, David Youds, 3
8 Indrek Aavisto, Jiøí Bednáø, Nige Jelliman, Andreas Keller, Zuercher Peter,  John L, J L Whistler, Simon Williams, 2
9 Laurence M Bean, Nigel Bean, Marco Boersma, Dave Buff, Steve Griffin, Alan Griffith,   Benny Jørgensen, David Marnin, Colin Mortimer, 1

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