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Naval Air Squadrons


700P Naval Air Squadron

Established 30th April 1968. Intensive Flying trials unit based at Yeovilton. Disbanded February 1969

700p_sqd_xt859_faa.jpg (11944 bytes)

FG1 XT598 (Tail colour scheme may be incorrect)

767 Naval Air Squadron

Established 14th January 1969. Training unit based at Yeovilton. Trained over 100 air crew. Disbanded 1st Augusr 1972

767sqd_xt863_RN.jpg (12081 bytes)

FG1 XT863

892 Naval Air Squadron 892sqd_RN2.jpg (11345 bytes)

FG1 XT864

commissioned 31st March 1969 at RNAS Yeovilton. Autumn 1969 embarked USS Saratoga in the Mediterranean. Embarked  H.M.S. Ark Royal 12th June 1970. 892 Sqd disbanded December 1978 following the payoff for disposal of H.M.S. Ark Royal, the only British ship to operate the type. The remaining aircraft were handed over to the Royal Air Force

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