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Royal Air Force

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F4 Phantom II

These Phantoms were unique due to the fact that they were powered by Rolls Royce Spey engines, and were designated F4K (FG1) and F4M (FGR2).

74 Sqd for a short period flew the F4J (UK) with General Electric J79-GE-10 engines.



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19 Sqd


tn_Xv472e19sqdrafg.jpg (2280 bytes) tn_XT899B19sqdblue.jpg (2522 bytes) tn_XV422J19sqdrafg.jpg (2651 bytes)
FGR2 XV472 E FGR2 XT899 B FGR2 XV422 J

43 Sqd

The Fighting Cocks


tn_XV587gFG143sqd.jpg (2867 bytes) tn_XV575sfg143sqd.jpg (2561 bytes)
FG1 XV587 G FG1 XV575 S

56 Sqd

The Firebirds


tn_56Sqdformationtakeoff.jpg (2604 bytes) tn_XV424Q56sqd.jpg (2714 bytes) tn_XV410E56sqd.jpg (2878 bytes)
56 Sqd 4 ship formation


FGR2 XV424 Q


FGR2 XV410 E


tn_XV476S56sqd.jpg (1958 bytes) tn_XV480I56sqdafterburners.jpg (2053 bytes) tn_4ship 56.jpg (3438 bytes)
FGR2 XV476 S


FGR2 XV480 I


56 Sqd 4 ship formation


tn_XV424Q56sqdstaticpark.jpg (2676 bytes) tn_56sqdphantomnose.jpg (2488 bytes) tn_XV424I56sqdRAFmuseum2.jpg (2873 bytes)
FGR2 XV424 Q


Nose markings, Firebird


FGR2 XV424 Q


tn_XV420T56sqd.jpg (2341 bytes) tn_XV426PFGR256sqd2.jpg (2955 bytes) tn_XV424I56sqdRAFmuseum.jpg (2977 bytes)
FGR2 XV420 BT FGR2 XV426 P FGR2 XV424 Q


64 (224OCU) Sqd


tn_XT89564228ocucj.jpg (2645 bytes) tn_XT900CO64228ocu.jpg (2871 bytes) tn_Xv499cf64sqd228ocu.jpg (2137 bytes)

74 (Tiger) Sqd


tn_XT914_74sqd.jpg (7877 bytes) tn_XV42374sqd.jpg (2616 bytes)
FGR2 XT914


FGR2 XV423 Y


tn_XV474T74sqdofmc.jpg (3077 bytes) tn_ZE362vZE359j74sqd.jpg (1178 bytes)
FGR2 XV474 T


F4J(UK) ZE362 V & ZE359 J



92 Sqd


tn_Xv492u92sqdrafg.jpg (2326 bytes) tn_XV408Z92sqdblue.jpg (2733 bytes)
FGR2 XV492 U FGR2 XV408 Z

111 Sqd


tn_XV582bmFG1111sqd.jpg (2193 bytes)
FG1 XV582 BM (Black Mike)

A&AEE Boscombe Down

Aeroplane & Armament Experimental Establishment


tn_XT597FG1aaee.jpg (3135 bytes) tn_XT597FG1aaee25th1.jpg (2405 bytes) tn_XT597FG1aaee25th2.jpg (2403 bytes)
FG1 XT597 FG1 XT597 FG1 XT597
The Phantom celebrated its 25th anniversary at the 1983 International Air Tattoo at Greenham Common. The A&AEE painted their FG1 to mark the occasion.


No Squadron Markings


tn_XV485Mfgr2.jpg (2249 bytes)
FGR2 XV485 M

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